Help! I’m Addicted

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It doesn’t take long to realize that blogging brings real temptations. More than likely these pitfalls trouble many of us. The following blogging hazards can result in our becoming addicted to our blogs.

Six Blogging Hazards

Perfectionism – This comes from wanting our blog to be picture perfect, “practically perfect in every way.” We want our blog to look like we have a staff of editors, blog designers, a personal agent and an IT guy.

Infatuation – We love our blog! Love it! Love it! Love it! It has such a pull on us that we may check it a couple times a day. Especially when new to blogging, we eagerly wait every new statistic, each new “like” and comment.

Jealousy –As bloggers we live in community. When we are on someone’s blog we check it out. When we see a person’s incredible blog it’s easy to be envious, particularly, if like me, you are technically challenged. Suddenly our beloved blog doesn’t seem so great anymore. When we see the thousands of followers some people have, we wonder how we can get thousands of followers, too.

Consuming – Blogging is not the only thing we have to do. If we don’t watch it the time gets away from us. We leave clothes in the dryer too long, burn food, and waste time we don’t have to give.

Sovereignty – We are king/queen of our blog. A blog gives the sense of being in control of something good. It feels great to be the one in charge.

Hiding – We don’t want people to know how much time we spend blogging. When we see or hear anyone coming we quickly get off the computer. Blogging sometimes makes us feel guilty.

Last week, I saw the animated movie Pilgrim’s Progress. It was a great movie. The main character Christian, faces snares, traps, and temptations. Just as Christian had to watch where his footsteps led, we need to watch for blogging hazards, taking care not to be entrapped by them.

Up Next: I’m Addicted. What do I do know?

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End Notes:
“Practically Perfect,” Mary Poppins, 2005 Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman

© 2019 Lena Rae

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Lena Rae

I love Jesus! He is my eternal hope, fullness of joy, calm in the storm and so much more. I enjoy reading, cooking, blogging and bird watching. I have two wonderful kids and a loving husband. God is good.

12 thoughts on “Help! I’m Addicted”

  1. My hazard is liking the praise too much. That’s why I have my follower count hidden, so that I don’t keep an eye on it, ever! I am very happy when others enjoy my blog, but I don’t want to let popularity (or lack thereof) to become the main focus. Very important points you bring up here!

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    1. Yari – I could tell you are not affected by popularity but I didn’t know why. Thank you for sharing about hiding your follower count. I did some searching but was unable to find out how to do this. Would you be willing to share how to hide your follower count? When I write the next post on Blogging Hazards I will give you credit for the great idea, if that is OK with you. Thank you.

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      1. I’m not usually too focused on popularity, but every now and then the flesh can get focused on things like follower count 🙂 I just avoid it now. It keeps me focused on the writing.

        Okay, to hide the number go to Customize, then Widgets, then Sidebar (or wherever your follow button is), and under Follow Button it should have the option to “show blog name” and “show follower count.” To hide the number, uncheck “show follower count.”

        I hope that helps!

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    1. Addiction is a blogging reality. After a while blogging gets less novel and with the Lord’s help it is easier to say “NO.” It is helpful to keep in mind that self-control is the fruit of the Spirit.

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