Childhood School Issues

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I had trouble in school growing up. I have Attention Deficit Disorder, not Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, but ADD. In other words, I am easily distracted but not hyper-active. Besides ADD I also have learning disabilities. Math is a puzzle and I struggle with language.

I was a quiet girl as a child. Mostly I flew under the radar. I didn’t get much help with my learning issues. Back in the 50’s no one did.

On a rainy day my mother came to school to pick me up. Our 3rd grade classroom faced a courtyard. My mom was able to look through the windows and see that I was wandering around, while the other children were in their seats working. I caught heck when I got in the car.

My dear teacher in 4th grade gave up on teaching me the arithmetic lesson on how to make change. I still remember her words. “Someday you will learn how to do this.” And I did.

I had the crankiest teacher in the school in 5th grade. One night she called and spoke with my father, who blew up at her. He was cranky too. She asked that I get help at home with my spelling. My dad told her in no uncertain terms, she was the teacher, he was not.

When I got back to school I began writing each spelling word 10 times. When this method proved to be successful the teacher told the class. She explained that I had been getting D’s and now I was getting B’s. While she patted herself on the back I was mortified.

I was put in the easy track in Junior High. This continued into High School. I understood why I was in easy Math but thought I could handle regular English. In High School I asked to be put into a regular class. I was placed into the class with a teacher known for being the harder English teacher.

While we were studying Shakespeare, like many of my fellow students, I read the Cliff Notes to make sense of what I was reading. The other students apparently knew not to use Cliff Notes answers on the test. I did not. When the tests came back mine had red marks all over it. In front of the class the teacher called me a plagiarist. I didn’t even know what plagiarism was. I sat in stunned silence.

Around that time I was put in the secretary track rather than the college track. I was not a secretary so I did poorly in those classes but I did learn to type. In Bookkeeping I had another run in with a teacher who taunted me in front of the class. I was happy to graduate High School.

While other students were making plans to go away to college, my parents made plans for me to attend the local Junior College. This was an embarrassing option, at the time. The Junior College was dubbed “Delta High School.” I steered away from math classes and the professors gave me grace with my spelling and grammar. Much to my surprise I was doing well enough to transfer to a University.

Much to my parent’s surprise I got all A’s the first semester at the University. I wasn’t stupid but all I had gone through said differently. I had no direction and no real encouragement with my education. I got married and quit school. It made more sense to be a wife and a mother than to be a student. Even though I have tried a couple times to finish my education I never got a degree.

Did you have trouble in school? Do your children? How have you resolved it?

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I love Jesus! He is my eternal hope, fullness of joy, calm in the storm and so much more. I enjoy reading, cooking, blogging and bird watching. I have two wonderful kids and a loving husband. God is good.

8 thoughts on “Childhood School Issues”

  1. Lena, I had trouble in school and lived very much like you. Except I didn’t go to college. I quit school.
    There wasn’t much help in the 60’s, either. Sometimes I think I could be an author but lack the courage.

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    1. You should try it, Michelle. Life has told us many untruths about ourselves. If I didn’t have other health issues, long ago, I would have finished a college degree. It is something I am sorry I never did.

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  2. Way to go!!!❤️

    I struggled in school. Was very careless with grades until my junior and senior years, took simple classes and got A’s those two years but never pushed myself…did one semester of jr college right out of h.s. and had poor grades during that semester…After I had been graduated for a full year then I went to cosmetology school but it was mainly because my boyfriend (now husband) was going to that tech school and so I wanted to get away from where I had grown up…I didn’t even like messing with hair lol but it was the only thing I took interest in that the college offered..I graduated from that about 15 years ago and now do hair once a week at a nursing home and I actually do enjoy it but I wish I would’ve went to college for carpentry..Later on I did end up going back to that junior college that I had first started out at and I got a degree in business administration and because of that degree I am able to substitute teach in the public schools which I absolutely adore:)
    Fun question and blog post, thanks!!!

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    1. When we get below the surface of our lives and write about real things isn’t surprising what we learn about one another? I’m glad you are happy with the outcome of your educational choices. That is brings you joy is wonderful. ❤

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  3. No I did not but I am an Independent Provider and my job is working with adults with developmental disabilities so even though you are no where near as bad as they are, I see all of their struggles and try to help them, independently, to work through their struggles. Even today people can say such insensitive things to them. Back in our childhood days there wasn’t much help. Just think of how many kids today don’t even try to go to college. Being a wife and mother is no easy task and there are plenty of people that can’t do that! You should be proud of all you have accomplished!

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