Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

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This post was written by my good friend MaryJo. We have become dear friends as a result of an obscure book we both have read. The book was entitled, “Of Whom the World was not Worthy” by Marie Chapian.

Since that time, we’ve found other things that we have in common. We both like to write. MaryJo however, is a published author. More recently she became a blogger, which she is a natural at.

See her new blog at Click on “My Books” to see her seven cozy mysteries about amateur detective Sally Nimitz.

Thank you MaryJo!


Thank you, Lena, for inviting me to put up a post on Be Ye Glad.

My thoughts and conclusions are about one of those aspects of living a life under the Master’s protection: being willing to step out of our comfort zone. This has been a struggle for me at times and one I’ve often lost. God asked somebody else to go instead.

It’s human nature to seek a comfy place, right? It is safe there, the stress level goes way down, we can relax and recharge. Usually we call it home or it may be a vacation getaway from the stresses of the everyday routines. We all know it’s essential to our mental, spiritual, and physical health to have this.

But God did not intend for us to be safe and comfortable all the time. That is not debatable, it is a fact backed up by hard scripture and the fruit of those who have spent their lives accomplishing His purposes by stepping out of it. Sometimes He leads His people into the un-comfort zone for a long period of time, where one has to rely heavily on His grace to cover the moments and situations.

At this time in my life where the energy level isn’t what it was, curling up in my personal comfort zone is more appealing than ever. But experience and some maturity (I hope) have made me realize serving others is serving Him, and opportunities missed cause regret and the need for repentance.

Now God isn’t calling me to be a medical missionary to a remote Pacific Island. But he has called upon me to help a single dad with three young boys clean his house and pack up to move. He’s given me opportunity to push aside my schedule to spend the evening taking an elderly lady who can’t drive to a function that meant the world to her – and later to be that same lady’s support system at the hospital emergency room when she couldn’t contact her family.

None of these things was how I really wanted to spend my day or evening at the time but it was clearly the right thing to do. It was serving the Master and brought a blessing to the giver as well as the receiver.

The single Dad and the lady were very appreciative. Some people aren’t. But does it matter? Jesus performed great miracles while He walked among us and some of them went unappreciated too.

There are other ways to step out of the comfort zone – like starting from scratch to learn how to have a blog! That’s another story.

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Lena Rae

I love Jesus! He is my eternal hope, fullness of joy, calm in the storm and so much more. I enjoy reading, cooking, blogging and bird watching. I have two wonderful kids and a loving husband. God is good.

7 thoughts on “Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone”

  1. I’m committed to seven weeks outside my comfort zone, at the least! I just started a new photography class, one of the last classes en route to earning a photography certificate. I will spend seven weeks photographing a hand-carved olive wood spoon. So far, I’ve had to use the spoon to mimic a fine art work and in three geometric compositions featuring the golden ratio (a rectangular section, a spiral, and a triangle). Next, I have to break all the rules of composition . . . but with purpose. My husband said it’s like breaking the rules while using the rules. I can’t find an object, or a scene, to fit the assignment. I have to make that spoon work in the assignment. Last week, it took me five days to create one photograph!

    But it seems like the last few years have been pushing me outside my comfort zones, again and again and again. I know, like the class assignments, that these are good for growth. Yet it’s also true that I don’t always welcome the opportunity and sometimes wish I could just say “No.”

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    1. There are so many ways to step out, aren’t there? Doing what you are doing wouldn’t be just stepping out, it would be taking a leap from an airplane for me! I admire you very much for challenging yourself like this.
      Whether we step our for spiritual maturity and growth, or for the physical, may it always be under the Master’s approval.

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      1. I get both in this class! This particular instructor always gives challenging assignments. In my prior class with him, I was the only student who consistently turned in the work assigned. Two ignored the assignments and turned in gorgeous, albeit irrelevant, photographs. And one in particular always belittled my work. My vanity took a beating, especially since one assignment was designed to lead to bad photographs. Guess who’s in this class? The same two who never shot what was assigned, and two who occasionally shot what was assigned. It’s tough to turn in work that is not my best, because the assignment pushed me outside my comfort zone. But every lesson that humbles me is good for my spirit. To complete the assignments to my best ability, I must ask God for for creativity, for inspiration, and for humility, and I must remember that everything I need comes from Him.

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  2. Lena and Mary Jo, You both should appreciate your willingness to follow what you feel are our Lords request. Both of you have obviously been very aware of conversing with our Lord and understanding the importance of helping others. Your posts have been very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Fantastic!! I like what she said right here:
    ‘Sometimes He leads His people into the un-comfort zone for a long period of time, where one has to rely heavily on His grace to cover the moments and situations.’
    This post spoke to me because I’ve been quite a home-body lately and fond of it BUT I need to remember I’m not sharing Jesus’ love abundantly this way!! Thanks for sharing your friend’s post/blog Lena!!

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