Coronavirus Random Thoughts

selective focus photography of closed signage

We went to our big box grocery story this week. I had 2 prescriptions ready. The drive-thru was broken. So that option was out.

The store is being responsible. I have to give them that. They had big black Xs on the floor so people inline wouldn’t get too close to one another. It appeared the ventilation system was constantly running. They also had someone sanitizing the carts.

There were some empty shelves or nearly empty. The more popular items were limited to 5 per person.

If being with people is worrisome the store is always opened 24 hours a day. Our son went shopping at 3 in the morning. He found that there was no one to check him out. Everyone was restocking shelves.

Our city just had its first confirmed Coronavirus victim. We shall see if it was a wise decision to go out or not.

Our daughter said her friend’s school-aged children were being home-schooled for 2-3 weeks. Now we understand why families are out walking. They are getting their gym credits in.

We went to pick-up books from the library yesterday, offering curb-side service. They were busy getting their gym credits in. 😊

While walking today I noticed more cars on the streets. After less than a week people are getting cabin fever. Hopefully, it doesn’t turn into Corona fever!

Spring is here. Soon the dandelions will be up. Instead of buying salad from the grocer we can make salad from the greens! I hope this is over by that time.

I am trusting the pessimists are wrong and shortly we’ll be looking back at this strange time of life with a sigh of relief.

One last thought: I’m sure glad I don’t have babies in disposable diapers! They would be toilet-trained immediately. 💗

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