Keeping Sane

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At this moment in time we are living history. I am writing down random thoughts about COVID-19 virus to remember what life was like. Someday this crisis will be but a memory. We will say, “Remember in 2020 when the Coronavirus spread throughout the world and we stayed at home for days on end?”

This is what is happening in my part of world at the moment: My husband went to the grocery store Friday (3/27) and was happy to see the shelves full. After his experience with a big box store last week it was a relief. That day it was alarming to see the amount of people and empty shelves. His experience today was encouraging.

He said it was funny as he traveled around the city to see so many parking lots empty.

Our state is under a Stay at Home for 3 weeks mandate. Everything (the list is endless) besides the grocery stores and pharmacies are closed. I expect the bank drive-through is open, as are the restaurant’s drive-throughs. Stay at Home Week 2 begins Monday (3/30).

I heard last week some restaurants were giving food away rather than throwing it away. Big Boy’s made soup for Meals on Wheels to give to senior citizens. The mail, UPS, FedEx and other delivery services including grocery delivery are still in operation.

We have food to last probably 2 weeks in our home.

What keeps me sane during these days is my Father in heaven is LORD of lords and KING of kings.

Children are being home-schooled, while their parents are working from home, trying to keep themselves in groceries and not go bonkers. Families are out walking together. It’s nice to see.

So far, we have 8 confirmed cases in our county. Meanwhile, miles away a major city has been called an epi-center. It’s bad there. I don’t know anyone personally that has the virus.

I saw Friday the US has passed China in COVID-19 cases, which was a surprise.¹ The National Guard and Army are working in 22 states to help combat the spread of disease² which has not peaked.

The whole world is in a race for a cure for COVID-19. I read that testing is being done in New York to see if the treatment for malaria is useful in combating COVID-19.³

To combat the virus we are being told to:  Wash your hands often. Don’t touch your face. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing with a tissue or your sleeve. Sanitize computers, cell phones and doorknobs. Keep a social distance of 6 feet.

The purpose of asking people to stay home is to slow the disease. My daughter said people will still get sick but that the hospitals will not be overrun. They are being overrun in hot spots.

Meanwhile, our economy is feeling the effect of the virus. I read it will take a miracle for the restaurants to survive this. It’s not going to be only the restaurants. I really don’t want to think about what this will mean in the future. I heard Friday however about a stimulus package called a tax rebate. Many people will be getting a check from the U.S. government.

Strange, unexpected news is that the price of gas is $1.70 a gallon, just when we have nowhere to go.

Interesting reports are coming from the renowned, rich and royal (Tom Hanks, Prince Charles, and England’s PM) who have become sick with Coronavirus. Illness is the great equalizer. It is no respecter of persons.

I have recorded my memories of this unusual time in history. When this time is a distance memory what about COVID-19 virus will you remember?

¹ Coronavirus cases top China’s
² More than 10,000 troops mobilized
³ Malaria drug touted by Trump now being tested

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