Our New Pet

To let my readers into my world a bit I am departing from my usual post. If you like the change please let me know! Your response will determine whether I do more posts like this one once and awhile.

A few months ago we acquired a new dog. His name is Bean. He is a Shorkie, half Yorkshire Terrier, half Shih Tsu mix with beautiful brown eyes.

Bean is a little dog with a big bark. He has been called “Killer” because of the way he looks when he barks – ferocious and how he barks – at everything. Believe it or not when he was a puppy his barking was worse.

The best way to get Bean to stop barking is to say, “Bean, do you want to go to your room?” His room is the kennel and “NO” he does not! He shuts up until the next thing comes along.

Pets are a trial in patience. Two weeks ago he ate half of a large raw potato. After that he had digestive problems. One morning I got up and went sliding through his poop. (Oh, Crap!) During the night Bean had lost control. He made a mess by the back door and in the living room. We are SO glad he is back to normal.

One of Bean’s favorite pastimes is dinner. When dinner is ready I always say “OK! Dinner’s ready.” When he hears me say, “OK!” he starts to bark, calling everyone to the table. Before he ate the raw potato we fed Bean people food. When he is at the table he rarely barks. He is so intent on watching for tasty morsels from his humans.

His next favorite activity comes after dinner. When we ask him if he wants to go for a WALK he starts jumping in the air almost to our waists. He is excited but he doesn’t bark. He just jumps for joy. While outdoors he smells for “messages” from other dogs on trees and bushes. He loves to see little people, friendly adults and other pets. He runs after squirrels and chipmunks as if he could climb trees.

Our pets in the past have been cats. A dog is a new experience. My husband likes dogs because he isn’t allergic to dogs. Shorkies have an added plus. They have hair like humans.  

I have to admit dogs are a lot of fun. But I am still a cat woman. 😊 I love the peace and quiet.  This is a picture of my favorite cat, a Russian Blue. His name was Pepper.

The idea to write a post about my pets along with pictures came from the book “300 Blogging Ideas” by Yari Garcia. You can order it here.

Yari Garcia is a fellow blogger. Thank you Yari!

Be Ye Glad! 😺

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Lena Rae

I love Jesus! He is my eternal hope, fullness of joy, calm in the storm and so much more. I enjoy reading, cooking, blogging and bird watching. I have two wonderful kids and a loving husband. God is good.

18 thoughts on “Our New Pet”

  1. Meeting with several friends yesterday, our conversation turned to pets; dogs, to be specific. 3 of our number are dealing with very old ones, facing that inevitable decision. But once again it came to mind how pets enrich people’s lives. Just another one of God’s many blessings.
    Bean is Very cute.

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  2. Aww Bean is absolutely adorable! I just love little dogs 😀 And thanks so much for sharing my book, I truly appreciate it! I hope it has been helpful in giving you creative blog ideas. Take care and God bless 🙂

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  3. What a cute post! I would enjoy reading about more of your life and Bean’s life.
    I have a friend who loves Russian Blues. We have 4 cats. It took 3 of them a bit to get used to the new home.
    Two of the cats lost weight, one took to it fairly easy & our 4th cat really seems to like the change.

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  4. We got a dog (Bichon) and she is very adorable. We did sent her to obedience school which help a great deal. We also have been working on the barking. The only time she barks now is when someone is at the door or when the door bell rings. Great post.

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    1. It would be wonderful if Bean only barked when someone was at at door! You didn’t go with your dog to obedience school? The only school I know of here is at PetSmart and the owner goes with.


      1. The obedience school we sent her to was 4 weeks long. (We were going to be away so we bit the bullet on the cost) She learned to walk beside us and many other commands, like heel sit stay, etc. AT the end of the school, we spent an afternoon going through with her on the commands.

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