Five Top Favorite Biographies

There is nothing like an inspiring Christian biography! Christian stories encourage a devoted faith walk. Here are five favorites in alphabetical order.

Fire Road: The Napalm Girl’s Journey through the Horrors of War to Faith, Forgiveness and Peace – Kim Phic Phan Thi

Do you remember ‘The Girl in the Picture?’ She was the girl who fled through the streets of South Vietnam to escape napalm. Instead she was caught in it. Napalm burnt off her clothes and seared into her skin. She was left for dead but later found in a morgue. Amazingly, she survived. But the path of recovery was years of unrelenting torture and slow healing. When she met the Lord Jesus Christ her heart healed, too.  

Ruth, A Portrait: the story of Ruth Bell Graham – Patricia Cornwell

Patricia Cornwell, the author, is a mystery writer. She was also a friend of Ruth Bell Graham. Patricia asked Ruth if she could write her story and Ruth said yes. Ruth was a private person and probably should have said no. After the biography was published Ruth never spoke to Patricia again. Ruth was that upset. However, I liked the story. I appreciated learning a little bit about the wife and family of the famous Billy Graham. This biography is an insightful, gracious and sincere account of an extraordinary woman.

A Stone Made Smooth – Wong Ming-Dao

This is the story of a renowned Chinese Christian leader, imprisoned for his faith. A Stone Made Smooth is the story of Ming-Dao when he was a young man. The political, cultural and religious aspects of this book are fascinating, as well. A second book, Walking the Hard Road (not pictured) was written when Ming-Dao was nearly 90 years old and out of prison. Both are wonderfully rich stories.

Things We Couldn’t Say – Diet Eman

In World War II the Hollanders were unable to defend themselves. They had no army. When they were invaded, the citizens became the unofficial army, undermining the Germans. The underground work they developed was remarkable. Things We Couldn’t Say is about the work of Diet Eman, her fiancé Hein Sietsma and those who worked with them. To say they gave their all for their country is an understatement. The work was grueling and dangerous. Some, like Hein Sietma, gave their lives for the war effort.

Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy – Marie Chapian

I read this book a long time ago but there is a scene I will never forget. A fat, greasy, disgusting German claimed he would have his way with Marie when he returned. Throughout the night Marie fervently prayed aloud to her God for delivery. By morning there was not an unbelieving woman with her. When the German came back to fulfill his threat he could not get near Maria. Although he tried he was repelled as if by fire. God answered and fulfilled Maria’s prayer for His glory alone.

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