Religious Rights Threatened

What Christians can do about LGBTQ threat

LGBTQ people are trying to raise their civil rights above religious rights.¹ They are doing this by the legislation called The Equality Act. If this passes you will not have the right to voice or practice a different belief, without being hassled, bullied, sued, fined, or imprisoned.

Right now, the Equality Act has passed the House of Representatives, but it is not expected to pass the Senate.²

Eventually, this will pass the Senate and when it does America will no longer be “the land of the free, the home of the brave,” religiously speaking.

When I was a member of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. those fighting for LGBTQ rights fought year after year after year until they wore down the resistance. Whole churches left the denomination and there was scarcely anyone left to fight.

It took years to accomplish but shortly before we left, the PCUSA, the denomination approved gay weddings in the local churches.

LGBTQ people have been successful on many fronts. They are winning in entertainment, in reading materials and also in churches and non-profits.

Meanwhile, what can Christians do?

  • Pray. This is a spiritual battle for the souls of people.
  • Be a friend. Make a friend. Bring a friend to Christ.³ Befriend your LGBTQ neighbors and relatives. They are not the enemy. Satan is.
  • Ask your Representative and Senator to support legislation that would protect both LGBTQ people and religious freedom, such as the Fairness for All Act.

¹ break
³ From Via de Cristo

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