Have Memory Problems?

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I have been leading a study to see if I was able to lead at my age, with my memory issues. This was with the idea of leading a church ministry in the fall. It has been a joy.

It has also been a struggle. There were a couple of weeks I wasn’t sure I was going to go through with it. Two friends suggested it was satan trying to discourage me. They were right. I’m thankful for their input right when I needed it.

An interesting anecdote of doing intense Bible study has been a surprise. My memory seems to be better. Or at least I thought it was. 😊

A member of the Bible study, with a medical degree, confirmed it last week. She said my memory was getting better. Al-right!

So, why is my memory getting better?

The study I am doing is intense. People can get CEU (Continuing Education Units) for taking these Bible study courses. It makes my mind work. It keeps a mind sharp like Sudoku or crossword puzzles.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot to suggest to senior citizens, “Join our Bible study. It will improve your memory!” Of course, there is no scientific evidence. But based on my experience intense Bible study makes the noggin work better.

In case you’re wondering what kind of study I am doing, see here.


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Lena Rae

I love Jesus! He is my eternal hope, fullness of joy, calm in the storm and so much more. I enjoy reading, cooking, blogging and bird watching. I have two wonderful kids and a loving husband. God is good.

6 thoughts on “Have Memory Problems?”

  1. Lena, I’ve heard of people with severe dementia having a perfect recollection of scriptures and or hymns that they had learned prior to the onset of dementia. There may possibly be research out but if not it would certainly be an interesting thing to see results on. Blessings as you continue on!

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