King Richard | Book Review

King Richard:  Nixon and Watergate – an American Tragedy
by Michael Dobbs

Richard Nixon’s presidency was during an impressionable time in my life. I was in high school and college when he was President. I followed the Watergate scandal closely as it unfolded. I can still remember Nixon’s speech, to the nation the night he resigned, “for the good of the nation.”

So I loved this book. It filled in all the unknowns and put flesh on the names in the news.

The most offensive part of the book was Nixon’s foul mouth, and strip search of McCord, Liddy and Hunt in the DC jail. Although this is a well written, documented book; it will most likely not receive awards. It’s too tame.

Not that I am complaining.

The thing I forgot about that time was that the Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned the year before Nixon because of tax evasion. House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford replaced him. A year later Ford replaced Nixon.

Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi as President?! Yikes!

These mushrooms are from a neighbor’s yard after many days of rain. The yellow mushrooms are 4 days of the same one getting larger with each day. The fifth day an animal or a human knocked it over on its head. (Reminds me of Nixon!) The white mushrooms were in the same neighbor’s yard.

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