Persecution in America

“Contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.” Jude

Am I thinking too much? Or will there be persecution in America in my lifetime? I wrote these questions on a sticky note. I wanted to pray about them. They had come to my thoughts as I studied for the fall Bible study.

Even before I prayed, a friend confirmed my thoughts with another question. What if I deny Christ?

A couple of years ago I watched an event by The Voice of Martyrs. Three men persecuted for their faith shared what they had endured at the hands of ungodly men. Two of the men were Americans. Andrew Brunson was imprisoned in Turkey. Dan Baumann was imprisoned in Iran. The third man, Petr Jasek, from Czech Republic, was imprisoned by ISIS in Sudan.

Their main message, what they wanted to convey to American Christians was this: persecution is coming. Do whatever you have to do to get ready.

Our country is bitterly divided. The left-wing just received a slap in the face when Roe was overturned and reproductive “rights” lost. I don’t even want to think how ugly things will get if another “right” protected by the Constitution is overturned by the Supreme Court.

If this trend continues what price will Christians pay if they stand for the faith? How will God get us ready?

As I studied the Bible this summer, I was amazed to see an overall theme: Standing Faithful in the Face of Persecution. God had planned our Bible study course.

Jude is about contending for the faith. Galatians was written by Paul who was persecuted by Judaizers. 1 Peter is about standing as a Christian in the midst of persecution. 2 Peter is about how to keep from falling.

VOM is right. Persecution is coming to America. Christians can be ready by knowing God through His Word!

Here is the link to the VOM Persecution Event. It is 3 ½ hours long but worth watching.

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2 thoughts on “Persecution in America”

  1. We already are.

    Did you see them drag away pastors here in Canada during the plandemic and throw them in prison. They refused to allow lawyers or family to see them and in some instances they even refused their medication.

    Try and preach that homosexuality is a sin and see how fast the Canadaian gestopo come a knocking on your door.

    The list goes on and is getting worse.

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    1. Honestly, I didn’t agree with churches staying open during the pandemic. These churches were not showing the best discretion or care of their congregations.
      As far as how the pastors were treated — yes, it shows how the status of Christians has gone down and will continue. As you say standing for truth that is not popular, such as, the sin of homosexuality is where it will increase.
      Actually, I have been persecuted about that subject on this blog!
      Thank you for your comments!

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