Israel, Here We Come! ✈

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Along with leading a Bible Study this fall, I have the incredible privilege of traveling to Israel with my sisters. When I return I’ll post some of the sights of modern-day Israel and antiquity of days gone by.

Thoughts prior to the journey:  My thoughts are surreal. Going to Israel is like going into a time capsule finding myself in the days when Jesus walked this earth. Yet, I know Israel is a modern country, with modern cities, homes, buildings, transportation, heat, light, and air-conditioned hotels. It will be exciting to see the sights, smell and taste the culture of Israel; where I have heard it’s safer than any country in the world. They diligently keep the peace of their cities. I expect to see soldiers with visible guns.

I have wanted to go to Israel since the ‘80s. I am excited beyond comprehension. So I am thrilled to go to the land of the Bible; the land my Savior trekked with sandaled feet many years ago.  

Place(s) I am most excited to visit:  The Sea of Galilee – its pristine condition will be much like it was during Jesus’ ministry. This is because it has been preserved as a national park.

It will also be exciting to witness the Western Wall. To actually be at the place of many photo-ops, wow! And to absorb the culture, to see the holy men dressed in ancient garb, nodding with the same movement, as men have over the millennium; this will be amazing. And then Jerusalem, the most desired real estate in the world… The sites I hope to see are endless.

How I think this journey will affect me:  The many Biblical sites will now have a location in my mind’s eye. I will smell, taste, and see Israel in ways my imagination could not take me without having been there.

Lord willing, I hope to be a better Bible study leader. I hope to be forever changed, transformed by the experience(s). I am grateful to be going.


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I love Jesus! He is my eternal hope, fullness of joy, calm in the storm and so much more. I enjoy reading, cooking, blogging and bird watching. I have two wonderful kids and a loving husband. God is good.

3 thoughts on “Israel, Here We Come! ✈”

  1. Lena Rae, I love how you’ve anticipated and prepared your heart to receive from the LORD during this trip. It will be great to read about the experiences, knowledge, and memories you bring home.

    Father God, thank you for blessing Lena Rae with this opportunity. As she visits sights where Jesus walked and He touched humanity, may she grow deeper in her love of you. Protect Lena Rae from evil and shine through her as she encounters others. Allow her body to rest when needed and give her mental focus to absorb all that you’ve planned for her. That Your name is glorified. Amen.


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