First Poke | Covid-19 Vaccine

I got my Covid-19 shot đŸ˜·

Last Saturday I got my first Covid-19 vaccination. The clinic was set up like an assembly line in the basement of a medical center. After getting vaccinated my husband and I sat down to wait 15 minutes before we could leave. On the walls were two large digital clocks. We watched them while we waited.

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Help! I’m Addicted – part 3

Third Post on Addiction in a Series on Mental Health

alphabet arts and crafts blog conceptual

Blogging is addictive. So are cell phones, computers and the television. According to research American adults spend 11 hours a day on media. If you are concerned about media dependency Continue reading “Help! I’m Addicted – part 3”

Help! I’m Addicted – part 2

What do I do now?

black and white photo of man in striped suit
Ragtime Festival

In a former post I wrote that it doesn’t take long to realize that blogging brings real temptations. If you don’t watch out blogging hazards can entrap you. If you are like me, in spite your best efforts Continue reading “Help! I’m Addicted – part 2”

Help! I’m Addicted

Six Blogging Hazards

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It doesn’t take long to realize that blogging brings real temptations. More than likely these pitfalls trouble many of us. The following blogging hazards can result in our becoming addicted to our blogs. Continue reading “Help! I’m Addicted”

Why Can’t I Sleep?

These are the thoughts of an insomniac

Counting Sheep?

I have fought insomnia for a long time. It took years to learn how to fight back. The following suggestions come from years of battling with sleeplessness. I sincerely hope this helps someone sleep better tonight. Continue reading “Why Can’t I Sleep?”

Is Your Spiritual Life M.I.A? – part 2

More on exercising your spiritual muscle

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Coffee Clutch

After writing the last post, I realized I had forgotten something important about exercising our spiritual muscle. In part one I wrote about the practices of prayer, scripture reading and worship. Continue reading “Is Your Spiritual Life M.I.A? – part 2”

Is Your Spiritual Life M.I.A?

How to exercise your spiritual muscle

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Everyone has a spiritual side to them. It’s the part of us that responds to God. Any illness affects us spiritually. When we are in poor health God seems far away. The part of us that responds to God goes missing for awhile. Prayer is more difficult. Continue reading “Is Your Spiritual Life M.I.A?”

Help! I’m depressed

Treating the illness

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Exercise is the all-natural treatment

Depression makes you frustrated and angry. You may feel overwhelmed. The smallest task seems too much. You might feel sad, hopeless, or listless. How you react to depression depends on if you are Continue reading “Help! I’m depressed”

Mental Illness and the Christian

How do you perceive someone with mental illness?

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Rainy days and Mondays

Have you ever heard that Christians are not supposed to get depressed? That somehow being a Christian should protect us from mental illness? This is not true, yet this falsehood persists among well-meaning Christians. Why is this?  Continue reading “Mental Illness and the Christian”