My Husband’s ‘Retirement’

A new chapter

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As long as I have known my husband, since he was 17, he has worked. It is strange to think of him not working. He has been a faithful provider. I am so thankful and proud of him. He continues to say however, that he is not retiring. Continue reading “My Husband’s ‘Retirement’”

Finding contentment

Going from grumbling to rejoicing

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This may sound whiny, and at the worst unbelieving, but why at times does God’s will  seem boring? You look around and wonder why did that person get to serve the Lord in a foreign country and I’m stuck in the USA? Continue reading “Finding contentment”

Judging vs. Discerning

This excellent post is about the difference between Judging and Discerning. It is written by Mannyr of the blog Cracked-Pot.


Judging vs. Discerning

Jesus plainly stated that we are not to judge others. But

so often His words are used against Christians who are trying to

point out wrong in society. And it seems that so few Christians

know how to answer such objections.

So, what should you do if, upon seeing evil in the world, and

stating your convictions regarding it, you are told that you have no

business judging others? Are Christians to become mindless

people who can’t tell the difference between good and evil? Is

this mindless condition something we are to strive for?

First of all, there is a big difference between judging someone,

and discerning evil. The two are not the same at all. In

the Bible, the word “judge” is often a woeful translation of the

Greek word “katakrino.” This word literally means “to judge

against.” In other words, it really means “to condemn.”…

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Politics and evangelicals

Are Christians too involved in politics?

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This is a volatile, controversial issue. I have often thought evangelical Christians are way too involved in politics. This has troubled me for years. The following is the reason I am concerned. Continue reading “Politics and evangelicals”