Top Posts for 2019

Thank you for following my blog

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Happy New Year!

At the close of the year 2019 I want to thank you for following Be Ye Glad! I appreciate each one of you. Thank you for every comment and every “like.” Before listing the Top Posts for 2019 this is my 2020 prayer for you. Continue reading “Top Posts for 2019”

I’m Not Addicted Anymore!

The sequel to ‘Help! I’m Addicted’

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I 🧡 Fall

Over the last few months I’ve noticed that blogging no longer has a pull on me. I am not compelled to write posts or check my blog as I was last spring. Continue reading “I’m Not Addicted Anymore!”

Help! I’m Addicted – part 3

Third Post on Addiction in a Series on Mental Health

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Blogging is addictive. So are cell phones, computers and the television. According to research American adults spend 11 hours a day on media. If you are concerned about media dependency Continue reading “Help! I’m Addicted – part 3”

Help! I’m Addicted – part 2

What do I do now?

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Ragtime Festival

In a former post I wrote that it doesn’t take long to realize that blogging brings real temptations. If you don’t watch out blogging hazards can entrap you. If you are like me, in spite your best efforts Continue reading “Help! I’m Addicted – part 2”

Help! I’m Addicted

Six Blogging Hazards

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It doesn’t take long to realize that blogging brings real temptations. More than likely these pitfalls trouble many of us. The following blogging hazards can result in our becoming addicted to our blogs. Continue reading “Help! I’m Addicted”