Joe Biden – part 2

God’s Man for our Times

I am a Christian so whenever a Democrat becomes President I am concerned. It feels like the ground is shifting under my feet. I wonder what it will mean for Christians. I speculate whether Christians will be persecuted with the inevitable changes.

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American Heritage | What is it?

A culture that cannot save

Before continuing on I would like to share what I learned from my readers. Last week’s post was whether America, in the true sense of the word, was ever a Christian nation. I concluded it was not.

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Christians Are too Political

Hoping in mere humans who will die in the end

Christian evangelicals helped vote Ronald Reagan, both Bushes and Donald Trump into office. Conservatives began voicing their concerns, about America’s morality, following the establishment of the Moral Majority in 1979. Their goal was to call America back to its moral roots. By 1989 the movement disbanded having accomplished its goals.¹

Christian over-involvement in politics has troubled me for forty years. I am concerned for the following reasons.

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Which Side is God on?

Opinion: 2020 Election

I Voted Sticker

It’s election time again! If you are from the U.S. it is time to choose a President. Not many people are blasé about this election. Everyone has an opinion in today’s political climate including me.

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When Did We Start Forgetting God?

American evangelicalism today | A book review

When did we start forgetting God

American evangelicalism is in crisis, writes Mark Galli, former editor and chief of Christianity Today. Beginning as the Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s, with George Whitefield Continue reading “When Did We Start Forgetting God?”

How Much Has Trump Cost Evangelicals?

Is the price too high?

timelapse photography of clouds

Just before Christmas, a dispute arose among evangelical Christians in America regarding the morals of President Trump. It began with an editorial by Mark Galli, editor and chief of Christianity Today. Continue reading “How Much Has Trump Cost Evangelicals?”

Abuse and Divorce

A debt of gratitude

woman wearing gray long sleeved shirt and black black bottoms outfit sitting on gray wooden picnic table facing towards calm body of water at daytime

Her name was Jill. She divorced her husband because he beat her. I understood why she had gotten a divorce. I could not reconcile it with Scripture. This has changed since Wayne Grudem’s reinterpretation of the scriptures on divorce. Continue reading “Abuse and Divorce”

News on Abuse and Divorce

An amazing change in viewpoint

selective focus photo of person holding book

This is hopeful news for Christian women in abusive marriages. In response to his experience with two abused women, Wayne Grudem, a leading Reformed theologian has changed his stance on divorce. Continue reading “News on Abuse and Divorce”

Is Politics an Idol?

Politics and Evangelical Christians

long exposure photography of a stream

It’s political season again. The mudslinging is almost enough to make you wish we had another form of government. 🙂 Our republic has become politically hostile. In the past, people Continue reading “Is Politics an Idol?”

What Happened to the Gospel?

The difference between the church and other philanthropic groups

grape fruits

Something disturbing has happened in evangelical churches. At one time the gospel message was central to their teaching and outreach; today something else has taken its place. Continue reading “What Happened to the Gospel?”

Politics and evangelicals

Are Christians too involved in politics?

america ancient architecture art
Mount Rushmore

This is a volatile, controversial issue. I have often thought evangelical Christians are way too involved in politics. This has troubled me for years. The following is the reason I am concerned. Continue reading “Politics and evangelicals”

Church Story

First Sunday in our new church some people were mad

Lightening © Flickr

We have been in our current church for 17 years, since 2001. This is longest we’ve been in any church. The first Sunday in our new church, some people were bewildered, others were mad. Anger was written all over their faces. Can you feel the love? Continue reading “Church Story”

Repugnant Republicans and You!

Supporting immoral candidates because of their politics

Winter Road
Winter Road © Flickr

I saw my Doctor this week. He knows my husband is and suspects I am politically conservative. He is not. He wonders at us in general. The day I saw him he was finding it incomprehensible that people would support a candidate, who is immoral, just because they are Continue reading “Repugnant Republicans and You!”