Risky Behavior – Part 2

Gambling, pornography, drunkenness and sex outside of marriage

Start them early to love God’s Word!

A reader disagreed with my last blog post. It cited scientific research which claims, people reading or listening to the Bible four times a week, are less likely to practice behaviors such as gambling, pornography, drunkenness, and sex outside of marriage.¹ The reader’s argument goes as follows:

I’ve known too many people who know the Bible cover to cover, grew up being taught by Godly parents, etc., etc. And their lives don’t reflect it very much. In fact sometimes they’ve walked away completely. I’ve seen adultery, cheating, embezzlement, pastors running off with the organist or the church secretary, etc. In the little town I grew up in although there is still a wonderful spirit of Godly values there, the junior high has a terrible problem with bullying – by girls who have been taught from Sunday school! And where are their parents?
I could go on and on [but] the bottom line is [when] the Holy Spirit does not reveal the scriptures truths to an individual, and essentially reveal more of Jesus, it is just another good book with wonderful poetry, imagery, and rules to live by. And if the reader decides to follow their own path they do regardless.

From a reader

My response:  

The research called the “power of 4” was not asking how well a person knew the Bible, if a person was on church staff, went to church, went to Sunday School or was brought up by Godly parents.

Rather it is asking how often the Bible was read or listened to. The research found that if a person listened or read the Bible at least 4 times a week they were more likely to avoided risky behaviors.     

Why else do we see risky behavior in our churches?

One reason is some people are not genuine believers. They are playing a game. Truly, there are genuine fakes in the church of God. See Matthew 13:24-43 and Matthew 7:14.

Impostors are not serious about sin, growing in Christlikeness or building the Kingdom of God. They are serious about one thing – themselves. And they live to satisfy their fleshly cravings.

There is another reason I learned from Luis Palau in his book Say Yes! There are Christian workers, who for one reason or another, never come to the blessed realization that when they believed, the Holy Spirit took up residence within them. These people are using spiritual gifts by the flesh and consequently have affairs, divorce their spouses, burn out etc. etc. They are Christians but carnal. 

So, the Spirit also keeps us from risky behavior. But this is a caution:  If we solely rely on the Spirit, without the Word, we may wander into error. The Bible is the very Truth of God. See John 17:17.

A former pastor said, “The Word has the power within it to obey it.” That being said, the more someone is in the Word, the more potential power there is to obey. This supports the “power of four” findings. So does the following:

For the word of God is living and active,
sharper than any two-edged sword,
piercing to the division of soul and spirit,
of joints and marrow, and
discerning the thoughts and intentions
of the heart.
And no creature hidden from his sight,
but all are naked and exposed
to the eyes of him
to whom we must give an account.
Hebrews 4:12-13 ESV

Get into The Word!
If you want some help I would be happy to assist you. 🙂

¹Scientific Evidence for the Power of 4

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