Where Have All the Men Gone?

The continuing debate about women in ministry

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Women in Ministry has turned into a series which I did not expect. I have learned a lot. In the last post I looked at early church history and scripture for the answer to the question about women pastors. In this post Continue reading “Where Have All the Men Gone?”

“Go Home” — part 2

The continuing debate about women in ministry

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I wish I could be a fly on the wall of a first century worship service. I am sure we are misunderstanding something. By we I mean conservative Christians. Continue reading ““Go Home” — part 2″

“Go Home”

The ongoing controversy of women in ministry

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The uproar over John MacArthur telling Beth Moore to “Go Home” is still going on. MacArthur’s remark has been called a watershed moment. Some believe MacArthur’s words are inerrant. Others are not so sure. Clearly, Continue reading ““Go Home””

Today is Reformation Day

Christians celebrated the Reformation on Halloween

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While Halloween is celebrated, Christians around the world are celebrating the beginning of the Reformation. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis on the church door. Continue reading “Today is Reformation Day”

I’m Not Addicted Anymore!

The sequel to ‘Help! I’m Addicted’

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I 🧡 Fall

Over the last few months I’ve noticed that blogging no longer has a pull on me. I am not compelled to write posts or check my blog as I was last spring. Continue reading “I’m Not Addicted Anymore!”

The Purpose of the Church

The Church in a post-modern world

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How would you respond if someone asked, “What is the purpose of the church?” Maybe you have never thought about it but if you are a Christian this is an important question. What we believe Continue reading “The Purpose of the Church”

Is Politics an Idol?

Politics and Evangelical Christians

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It’s political season again. The mudslinging is almost enough to make you wish we had another form of government. 🙂 Our republic has become politically hostile. In the past, people Continue reading “Is Politics an Idol?”