Forgiving Others – part 2

The hard work of forgiveness

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My first post on forgiveness was about forgiving everyday injuries. The wounds from these hurts grieve us but they are minor afflictions. This post is about more serious trauma such as abuse, divorce, persecution, rape Continue reading “Forgiving Others – part 2”

Forgiving Others

Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors

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When it comes to forgiving others I find it hard to forgive. But there is good news! While it’s not my natural tendency to forgive, it is natural for Jesus. Continue reading “Forgiving Others”

Thankful to my parents

A Christmas Blessing

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A few months ago my mom had two procedures done on her heart. Because of her age these procedures took a lot out of her. In some ways she is better. In other ways she is not. We are hoping she bounces back. Continue reading “Thankful to my parents”

Church Lady Becomes a Christian

After 15 years a church member

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A book I read quoted this verse. “Those who believe in the Son of God have a testimony of God in them.” Our testimonies or stories are unique. God wants us to be intentional about sharing them. Mine is about how Continue reading “Church Lady Becomes a Christian”

My Husband’s ‘Retirement’

A new chapter

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As long as I have known my husband, since he was 17, he has worked. It is strange to think of him not working. He has been a faithful provider. I am so thankful and proud of him. He continues to say however, that he is not retiring. Continue reading “My Husband’s ‘Retirement’”