Navigating Loneliness — Grace to be Imperfect

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This is a topic that I’ve wanted to write about for a long time, but I have struggled to articulate my thoughts until recently. I believe that our world is currently going through one of the loneliest seasons in human history and therefore the topic of loneliness is more relevant than ever before. The global […]

Navigating Loneliness — Grace to be Imperfect

What Makes a Christian?

The theology behind salvation

How do people become Christians? Is it a decision for Christ? A belief in Jesus? A repentance of sin? Heaven forbid! It is not. It is 100% the work of God through Christ.

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Explaining the Unexplainable

What I learned about God from my dog

Our dog Bean loves stuffed animals. When he gets a new one, he trots around with it in his mouth so happy. But what he loves most is shredding them! We are amazed if a stuffy lasts 2-3 days. Most stuffies last only a few hours. When this happens we have to take his plaything away or he eats the cotton insides.

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I Can’t but Jesus Can!

How to keep paying the price of discipleship

Do your pastor’s sermons inspire you to live for Jesus? This past week my pastor did just that. The scripture was from Mark 9:14-29. This is the story about the epileptic son that the disciples could not heal.

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What Makes a Person a Christian?

How the Bible answers this question

If asked, people will give different answers to the question, “What makes a person a Christian?” Let’s skip people’s opinions and go straight to the Bible. How does the Bible answer this question?

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Bean the Dog

The world according to Bean

Bean in his favorite spot

It was a rainy week when Bean, our dog and I, went for a walk. We came to a patch of mud. In the worst way Bean wanted to roll in it. As soon as he went for it I picked him up and said, “No.” This wasn’t enough to convince him. He headed right for the mud a second time. Again, I picked him up and said, “No!” The moment I put him down, he began to pull me all the way home. I had to run to keep up.

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Christians Are too Political

Hoping in mere humans who will die in the end

Christian evangelicals helped vote Ronald Reagan, both Bushes and Donald Trump into office. Conservatives began voicing their concerns, about America’s morality, following the establishment of the Moral Majority in 1979. Their goal was to call America back to its moral roots. By 1989 the movement disbanded having accomplished its goals.¹

Christian over-involvement in politics has troubled me for forty years. I am concerned for the following reasons.

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Five Top Favorite Reads

My favorite fiction books

My fondness for fiction, especially historical fiction, began seven years ago when I read The Help. After The Help I read The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer. Before these two books I’d read only a few fiction books.

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Who is on the Lord’s Side?

The enemy of our souls wants us busy doing good things

When are you going to make Jesus’ last command your first priority? This question came from a former pastor.¹ After 30 years I still find it challenging. The following is the last command Jesus gave to the disciples:

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Which Side is God on?

Opinion: 2020 Election

I Voted Sticker

It’s election time again! If you are from the U.S. it is time to choose a President. Not many people are blasé about this election. Everyone has an opinion in today’s political climate including me.

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$ Prosperity $ Gospel $

Countless unsuspecting people have been conned

Gold Bars

False preachers are out to get your money. It has made them filthy rich. They teach what is called the Prosperity Gospel. It misrepresents God’s Holy Scriptures. These preachers are wolves Continue reading “$ Prosperity $ Gospel $”

What Keeps You Going?

So you will end well

silhouette photography of boat on water during sunset
Calm before the storm

What if you knew God’s will for you was three challenging years of ministry followed by death. How would you endure? How did Jesus endure? What kept Him going?

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When Did We Start Forgetting God?

American evangelicalism today | A book review

When did we start forgetting God

American evangelicalism is in crisis, writes Mark Galli, former editor and chief of Christianity Today. Beginning as the Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s, with George Whitefield Continue reading “When Did We Start Forgetting God?”

Miracle-Workers and Healing

What a study taught me about miracle-workers and healing

photo of child reading holy bible
Thy Word is a Lamp to my feet.  Psalm 199:105

Several years ago while studying the gospel of John, I came to an understanding of today’s healing and miracle-workers. I never wondered again about contemporary healing and miracles. It was Continue reading “Miracle-Workers and Healing”