Who is on the Lord’s Side?

The enemy of our souls wants us busy doing good things

When are you going to make Jesus’ last command your first priority? This question came from a former pastor.¹ After 30 years I still find it challenging. The following is the last command Jesus gave to the disciples:

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Which Side is God on?

Opinion: 2020 Election

I Voted Sticker

It’s election time again! If you are from the U.S. it is time to choose a President. Not many people are blasé about this election. Everyone has an opinion in today’s political climate including me.

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$ Prosperity $ Gospel $

Countless unsuspecting people have been conned

Gold Bars

False preachers are out to get your money. It has made them filthy rich. They teach what is called the Prosperity Gospel. It misrepresents God’s Holy Scriptures. These preachers are wolves Continue reading “$ Prosperity $ Gospel $”

What Keeps You Going?

So you will end well

silhouette photography of boat on water during sunset
Calm before the storm

What if you knew God’s will for you was three challenging years of ministry followed by death. How would you endure? How did Jesus endure? What kept Him going?

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When Did We Start Forgetting God?

American evangelicalism today | A book review

When did we start forgetting God

American evangelicalism is in crisis, writes Mark Galli, former editor and chief of Christianity Today. Beginning as the Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s, with George Whitefield Continue reading “When Did We Start Forgetting God?”

Miracle-Workers and Healing

What a study taught me about miracle-workers and healing

photo of child reading holy bible
Thy Word is a Lamp to my feet.  Psalm 199:105

Several years ago while studying the gospel of John, I came to an understanding of today’s healing and miracle-workers. I never wondered again about contemporary healing and miracles. It was Continue reading “Miracle-Workers and Healing”

Gone with the Wind | Book Review

The current racial unrest has made me think

Gone with the Wind photo

Since the death of George Floyd there has been a media frenzy over Gone with the Wind. HBO has temporarily removed the movie from its streaming because of its stereotype racism. Others have written Continue reading “Gone with the Wind | Book Review”

First the Virus then the Flood-Part 2

The feet of Jesus walked through our neighborhood

wrecked home furnitures interior
Catastrophic flood damage

It will be one month today that two dams on the Tittabawassee River failed¹ and our county was flooded. The estimated cost to more than 2,500 homes, businesses and non-profit organizations was Continue reading “First the Virus then the Flood-Part 2”

Answers to Prayer

Yes. No. Wait.

scenic view of lake in forest

Dear Friend — I love to hear the word “Yes!” When asking God for something everyone loves to hear “Yes.” Sometimes though, God’s answer is “Wait” or “No.” But all three answers are good, simply Continue reading “Answers to Prayer”

First the Virus then the Flood

What I learned going through a flood

blur cars dew drops
Torrential Rains of May 17 – 18, 2020.

Hi Friend — This has been quite a year. First, one child had serious health problems. Second, the other had serious personal issues. Then covid-19 hit. During covid-19 came the flood. And it is only May! Continue reading “First the Virus then the Flood”

The Ultimate Hope

Humans are “hardwired” to seek something greater

black and white butterfly perched on pink flower in close up photography
Blue Tiger Butterfly

Dear Friend — In a word our ultimate hope is Jesus. Maybe you don’t know Jesus, personally. Maybe you wonder why He is considered the ultimate hope, above all others. Or perhaps you do know Jesus and in your Continue reading “The Ultimate Hope”

Our Dear Loco Governor

Another post inspired by the Coronavirus

Gretchen Whitmer
Michigan Governor Whitmer

Hi Friend — Well, she’s done it again. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has extended Michigan’s stay-at-home order another two weeks. Michiganders must now stay home until May 28. We will actually be at ho Continue reading “Our Dear Loco Governor”

Rainy Days & Mondays

You’re human. It’s OK

abstract bright colorful cover
Rainy Days

Dear Friend – Do rainy days and Mondays get you down?¹ How does “being down” fit with being a Christian? This blog is named BeYeGlad! Rest assured I’m not Pollyannaish. Being a Christian isn’t all swe Continue reading “Rainy Days & Mondays”