Griping about the President

Bad mouthing a president does not honor the position he holds


E. Jean Carrole’s allegations against President Trump this morning come shortly after Donald Trump’s announcement for presidency in 2020. Remember Brett Kavanaugh? Need I say more? Continue reading “Griping about the President”

Help! I’m Addicted – part 3

Fourth Post on Addiction in a Series on Mental Health

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Blogging is addictive. So are cell phones, computers and the television. According to research American adults spend 11 hours a day on media. If you are concerned about media dependency Continue reading “Help! I’m Addicted – part 3”

Childhood School Issues

Attention Deficit Disorder and Learning Disabilities

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Outside the lines

I had trouble in school growing up. I have Attention Deficit Disorder, not Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, but ADD. In other words, I am easily distracted but not hyper-active. Besides ADD I also have learning disabilities. Continue reading “Childhood School Issues”