This time of year

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IT HAPPENS every summer. While others love the warm weather I do not. My brain chemistry goes haywire. I used to think this happened because I had overworked, but even when I don’t I still suffer from melancholy.

It doesn’t help telling me to look on the bright side, pull myself up by the bootstraps, or pray a little more, because my mood has become unpredictable. This time of year really gets me down.

The one thing I’ve found that helps is to walk. But kicking oneself out the door at times is asking too much.

Meanwhile, I wait it out. Eventually, I recover and life is good again.  

All the same, part of this year’s gloom has been due to the hectic lifestyle of the last few months of spring. I led a Bible study and traveled to family events three months in a row. The last trip was for a family funeral.

Now that I’ve slowed down my mind is letting me know it needs a rest. It never asks my permission. It just shuts down a bit. Making meals, doing yard work and meeting life’s normal demands is too much.

It would seem that a God who encourages us to “rejoice always” would not appreciate our tears but this is not so. He understands that there is “a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance.” Everything has its season.

If you find yourself in the same place give yourself a break. Adding guilt to depression does not help. It will only make you gloomier.

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Lena Rae

I love Jesus! He is my eternal hope, fullness of joy, calm in the storm and so much more. I enjoy reading, cooking, blogging and bird watching. I have two wonderful kids and a loving husband. God is good.

14 thoughts on “This time of year”

  1. Lena, I’m glad you recognize shaming oneself is not beneficial. As children of God, we can pour our laments on the righteous holy Father who knows and understands our hearts. The book of Psalms contains passionate expressions of sorrow, grief, and near despair. Many authored by David described to be, “a man after God’s own heart” (see 1 Samuel 13:14). The book of Psalms is the largest in the Bible for a reason.

    Taking care of our physical bodies with rest and proper nutrition is important. Yet, when a specific season or time of year triggers dark gloomy emotions it might be a signal that we need to do some soul excavation work to determine the cause and get to the core issue. Ask the Lord to reveal the cause, if we don’t know. The mood may be a prompter to seek help such as a counselor, doctor, or grief therapist. Participating in biblically-based programs can assist us in getting through tough emotions toward healing. There are good sound programs available such as GriefShare or Celebrate Recovery. I’ve benefitted from the tools I gained through each of these resources and both are available in locations across the US. A quick search on either of their websites can direct you to the nearest location.

    Yehovah bless you and make His face to shine upon you.

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  2. I’m typically this way in the early months of the year but this year my “off-ness” has gone much further into the year so I understand your words.

    I appreciate the reminder of the verse you chose: “a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance.” Everything has its season.
    We don’t have to feel guilty over our sadness or gloom, just take it to the Lord and look to Him for peace and comfort!!

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    1. We had a pastor that would give one physiological sermon a year. It was in November. He warned us not to overdue at Christmas or overspend or we would be depressed in January! I don’t know if this will help you but I hope so.

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      1. I think for me it’s more the cold, cloudy weather we have in Nebraska during the early months of the year…I long to be outdoors but it puts a hold on that idea.

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  3. Some years ago I recognized there were repeating cycles of certain moods with me; but because I was also journaling I found my answer by reading past notes for several years. I found God deals with us in seasons. Times of blessings were usually proceeded by chaos and I needed to prepare. I now under my seasons. Maybe try journaling.

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