Explaining the Unexplainable

Our dog Bean loves stuffed animals. When he gets a new one, he trots around with it in his mouth so happy. But what he loves most is shredding them! We are amazed if a stuffy lasts 2-3 days. Most stuffies last only a few hours. When this happens we have to take his plaything away or he eats the cotton insides.

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Bean the Dog

Bean in his favorite spot

It was a rainy week when Bean, our dog and I, went for a walk. We came to a patch of mud. In the worst way Bean wanted to roll in it. As soon as he went for it I picked him up and said, “No.” This wasn’t enough to convince him. He headed right for the mud a second time. Again, I picked him up and said, “No!” The moment I put him down, he began to pull me all the way home. I had to run to keep up.

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